Should I set up a Ltd Company for my BTL Investments?

I have decided not to place my properties into a ltd company because of several reasons

  1. I'd have to pay Capital Gains Tax and stamp duty Land Tax for the privilege of transferring my current properties into the company, this because it's treated as a sale and purchase to another 'entity'.
  2. The allowance for dividend income has been restricted to £5,000 per person.
  3. I can't use my CGT allowance within the ltd company structure. 
  4. The cost of finance tends to cost more than standard BTL mortgages and the choice is more limited.
  5. The comparative accountants fees make my eyes water.
  6. I also don't want to have to provide all the annual reports required for companies house.

But for some, the pros out-way the cons and what suits me isn't necessarily right for you. This is definitely a question for your accountant and no one rule fits all. There are many tax and cost implications that need to be considered and I urge you to get expert advice from more than one source before making your decision. Here's a link to the Governments website to explain more about your responsibilities when running a limited company.